Common Pet Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season

Few things are worse than needing to take your pet to see an emergency vet during the holidays. After all, the Christmas season is a joyous time that is supposed to be packed with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, it is also a period that tends to be quite dangerous for our beloved companions. Because many of the things that make the season bright and merry for people are dangerous to pets, unexpected vet visits are common at this time of year. 

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Pet Wellness Care Tips from a Vet in Richmond, TX

A big part of being a loving and responsible pet parent is doing everything you can to ensure your companion’s long-term health and happiness. As a vet in Richmond, TX, Embrace Veterinary Care believes strongly in the importance of wellness care as a means of warding off disease and enabling companion animals to live the longest lives possible. We also understand that, sometimes, it’s not always easy to know what types of care pets need. Keep reading to discover a few pet wellness care tips intended to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy! 

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Preparing for an Natural Disaster When You Have Pets

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month and the team at Embrace Veterinary Care wants to focus on this important topic. Preparing for any disaster, whether manmade or natural, relies on knowing what to do in the event of any emergency. Adding a pet to the mix also adds to the complexities of sheltering in...
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Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season again Texas, so pack your bags! Your team at Embrace Veterinary Care want you and your family to be hurricane prepared. Have a “Go Bag” ready by the door and pack at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food, water and other supplies. Don’t forget the flash lights, face masks and hand sanitizer....
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Firework Frenzy: Is Your Pet Afraid of Loud Noises?

If your pet runs for cover or shakes uncontrollably every time there is a thunderstorm, a firework display, or any big party, then your pet may suffer from noise anxiety.  Noise anxiety in pets is common with our fur friends because animals are more acutely attuned to sound. The problem with not...
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Simple, Straightforward Strategies for Summer Pet Safety

Whether it’s snoozing on a shady porch, swinging in the hammock, or, sadly (for us), digging in the garden, pets enjoy being outside as much as their people do. After all, they love to smell the smells, watch the birds and butterflies, and generally bask in the sunshine, too. In the...
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What Are the Signs of Pet Allergies?

The signs of pet allergies can be incredibly subtle and they can be mistaken for other skin disorders. Whatever the case may be, a veterinary dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of certain signs. A Wide Range At Embrace Veterinary Care we are dedicated to helping pets cope with allergies, but...
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Your Go-To Guide For Adopting a Shelter Pet 

You’ve talked to your family and you’re ready to adopt a new pet! Of course, your first thought is to check out your local shelter, and we couldn’t agree more. Shelters and rescue organizations have many loving and wonderful pets of every size, shape, and personality just waiting for their forever...
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Understanding (And Helping) Pet Anxiety

It’s an all too common scene: you arrive home from work, tired, but happy to relax and unwind with your favorite furry friend. But what greets you instead is a couch chewed to smithereens, or a fresh urine spot on the carpet. Welcome home!

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Pet 911: How to Recognize a Veterinary Emergency

When it’s in the middle of the night, it may be tough to know how to respond to the third time the dog has vomited or sudden lameness in the cat’s hind leg. In a lot of cases, pet parents will do one of two things, jump online to consult Dr. Google or opt to wait it out until morning.

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