Common Pet Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season


Few things are worse than needing to take your pet to see an emergency vet during the holidays. After all, the Christmas season is a joyous time that is supposed to be packed with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, it is also a period that tends to be quite dangerous for our beloved companions. Because many of the things that make the season bright and merry for people are dangerous to pets, unexpected vet visits are common at this time of year. 

When it comes to enjoying a safe and happy holiday season with the entire family - including your pet - understanding the potential hazards is crucial. Keep reading to learn more. 

Ornaments and Tinsel

Tinsel and ornaments look beautiful adorning a Christmas tree. Did you know, however, that tinsel and tree trims - especially glass ones - could pose a threat to your fur baby? When swallowed, tinsel can become entangled in your dog or cat's digestive system, creating a potentially deadly obstruction or cutting off circulation. Additionally, tree trims that are swatted off of the Christmas tree and broken may result in severe lacerations if stepped on or internal injuries if eaten. Keep your pet safe by being careful about what you use to decorate your tree. 

Holiday Foods

If you’re contemplating inviting your furry friend to your family’s holiday meal, you may need to reconsider. A couple of your most beloved holiday dishes may very well be toxic to your furry family member and could cause everything from an upset stomach to serious gastrointestinal distress. Don't give your pet any food items or beverages containing alcohol, chocolate, raisins, grapes, garlic, or onions. If you aren’t sure what’s in a dish, don’t share with your pet. Sadly, even fat trimmings and bones are not safe snacks for dogs and cats. For your pet’s safety (and also to avoid a visit to a Richmond vet), it's always best to keep them on their normal diet. 

Electronic Lights and Decorations

Strings of Christmas lights and other decorations that run on electricity set a festive holiday scene, however, they can be hazardous to cats and dogs. If you have an inquisitive kitten or fun-loving puppy who enjoys chewing, the cords and flashing lights might be too hard to resist. And just one bite can result in serious burns in your cat or dog's mouth (or much worse), so it's always essential to keep all cords out of reach. 

Visiting a Richmond Vet

If your beloved companion needs to be seen by a trusted Richmond vet in the coming weeks, the loving team at Embrace Veterinary Care is available to lend a hand. Our compassionate staff provides a complete range of expert services and will be more than happy to help your four-legged companion. To find out more or make an appointment, reach out to us today


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