Pet Wellness Care Tips from a Vet in Richmond, TX


A big part of being a loving and responsible pet parent is doing everything you can to ensure your companion’s long-term health and happiness. As a vet in Richmond, TX, Embrace Veterinary Care believes strongly in the importance of wellness care as a means of warding off disease and enabling companion animals to live the longest lives possible. We also understand that, sometimes, it’s not always easy to know what types of care pets need. Keep reading to discover a few pet wellness care tips intended to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy! 

Never Neglect Dental Care

Just like people, pets can experience a build-up of plaque and tartar on their teeth (and other problems) when they do not receive appropriate dental care. While feeding dental treats is a good start, it’s also important to provide at-home dental care and bring them to a vet for professional pet dentistry services. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar, and x-rays and exams allow us to detect potential oral health problems and begin treatment while they are still in their earliest stages. Because poor dental health can contribute to a number of systemic illnesses and infections, it’s vital to ensure that your pet receives annual dental care. 

Watch Their Weight

Obesity is an epidemic among Americans - including their pets. It’s hard to say “no” when they’re begging for just one more treat, and chubby fur babies are undeniably cute. Unfortunately, excess weight could cut their life short. Prevent your pet by providing them with an appropriate amount of a high-quality food each day and ensuring they get enough exercise. Limit their treat intake, too, and avoid sharing table scraps. If you are struggling to maintain your pet’s weight, a vet in Richmond, TX, can help. 

Schedule Wellness Care with their Vet in Richmond, TX

Annual wellness visits are vital for your furry family members. Bringing your pet in annually provides us with an opportunity to monitor your pet’s on-going health and address any problems or changes we may discover before they become serious. Your pet’s wellness exam is also a great time to discuss vaccinations, parasite prevention, and other services. 

If your pet needs a vet in Richmond, TX, or the surrounding areas, choose Embrace Veterinary Care. Our team provides compassionate care in a loving environment and would love to have your pet as a patient. Call now to schedule an appointment. 


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