The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet in Richmond


May is Chip Your Pet Month, which offers a crucial reminder that even the most well-behaved pets can sometimes take an unexpected adventure. The frantic search for a lost pet is an experience no animal lover wants to endure. Here at Embrace Veterinary Care, we see the heartbreak of lost pets firsthand, and we're passionate about promoting microchipping as a simple, effective way to increase the chances of a happy reunion. That's why we proudly offer pet microchipping in Richmond.

Microchipping: A Beacon of Hope for Lost Pets

Imagine the moments after you realize your beloved pet is missing. Your heart races as you call their name, hoping for a familiar wagging tail, bark, or meow to greet you. Unfortunately, it doesn't come. The statistics tell a sobering story:one in three pets goes missing in their lifetime. Luckily, microchipping offers a beacon of hope for lost pets and their people

A microchip is a tiny rice-sized device implanted between your pet's shoulder blades. It contains a unique identification number that, when the chip is scanned by a veterinarian or animal shelter employee, leads to your contact information stored in a national registry. This simple procedure can be the difference between weeks of agonizing uncertainty and the joyous relief of holding your lost pet again. Studies show that microchipped pets are up to 20 times more likely to be reunited with their families compared to those without a chip. 

Beyond the Reunion

 Beyond the practical benefits of helping lost pets find their way home, microchipping offers invaluable peace of mind. Knowing that your pet has a permanent form of identification, one that can't be lost or tampered with, like a collar and tag, provides a layer of security that's priceless. It allows you to relax a little more during a walk in the park or a trip to a boarding facility, knowing that even if your pet takes a surprise detour, they have a much higher chance of finding their way back to you.

Safety, Cost, and Maintenance

 According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), microchipping is safe and well-tolerated by pets. The microchip itself is inert and does not pose any health risks. Plus, it's inexpensive, especially when compared to the emotional cost of losing a beloved pet. There are no on-going fees. It's a one-time investment that protects your pet for life as long as you keep your contact information up-to-date.

If you move or get a new phone number, update your contact information in the registry right away. We also suggest checking your account every so often to make sure your info is up-to-date. It takes just a few seconds and could save your pet's life.

Call Today for Microchipping in Richmond

Don't wait until the unthinkable happens. Celebrate Chip Your Pet Month by taking a proactive step toward your pet's safety. Give us a call today to schedule your furry friend's appointment for microchipping in Richmond. 

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